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Support for Women with Dependent Children under the Customary System of the Bakwena and the Roman-Dutch Common Law and Statutory Law of Botswana.  [Pages 1-15]

       Anne Griffiths  | article (pdf) |


Village Justice in the Netherlands (review essay on G. van den Burgh et al., Staphorst en zijn Gerichten.  [Pages 17-42]

       John Griffiths  | article (pdf) |


A Note on Caste Panchayats and Government Courts in India: Different Kinds of Stages for Different Kinds of Performances.  [Pages 43-52]

       Robert Hayden  | article (pdf) |


Community Disputes: Violence and Dispute Processing in a Lebanese Muslim Immigrant Community.  [Pages 53-88]

       Michael Humphrey  | article (pdf) |


Capitalist Rice Farming and Land Allocation in

Northern Ghana.  [Pages 89-119]

       Piet Konings  | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Melvin L. Lerner and Sally C. Lerner (eds.), The Justice Motive in Social Behaviour: Adapting to Times of Scarcity and Change.  [Pages 121-124]

       Jan ten Kate and Peter van Koppen | review (pdf) |


Robin Luckham (ed.), Law and Social Enquiry: Case Studies of Research.  [Pages 125-128]

       Peter Fitzpatrick | review (pdf) |


Wolfgang Fikentscher, Herbet Franke and Oskar Köhler (eds.), Entstehung und Wandel Rechtlicher Traditionen.  [Pages 129-133]

       Govaert van den Bergh | review (pdf) |


Ulrich Wacker, Der Konflikt verscheidener Rechtssyteme vor während und nach der Kolonialzeit in Kenia; and

Jahrbuch für Afrikanisches Recht - Annuaire de droit africain - Yearbook of African Law, vol. 1.  [Pages 135-140]

       Günter Best | review (pdf) |


John Ball, Indonesian Legal History, 1602-1848.  [Pages 141-142]

       M.B. Hooker | review (pdf) |


Ch. Coulon, Les musulmans et le pouvoir en Afrique noir.

[Pages 143-145]

       Etienne Le Roy | review (pdf) |


Van Vollenhoven on Indonesian Adat Law.  [Pages 147-155]

       Daniel Lev | review (pdf) |


S. Burman and B.E. Harrell-Bond (eds.), The Imposition of Law.  [Pages 157-162]

       June Starr | review (pdf) |


Jörg Fisch, Cheap Liver and Dear Limbs: The British Transformation of the Bengal Criminal Code, 1769-1917.  [Pages 163-165]

       Robert Hayden | review (pdf) |



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