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Ethical Substance and the Coexistence of

Normative Orders.

Carl Schmitt, Santi Romano, and

Critical Institutionalism.  [Pages 1-32]

       Mariano Croce and Andrea Salvatore

       | abstract | article (pdf) |


The Vinaya and the Dharmaยงāstra:

Monastic Law and Legal Pluralism in

Ancient India.  [Pages 33-65]

       Malcolm Voyce | abstract | article (pdf) |


A Typology of Relationships Between

State and Non-State Justice Systems.

[Pages 67-112]

       Miranda Forsyth | abstract | article (pdf) |


Book Review


Guenther Doeker-Mach and Klaus A. Ziegert (eds.),

Law, Legal Culture and Politics in the Twenty First

Century. Essays in Honour of Alice Erh-Soon Tay (2004).

[Pages 113-119]

               Wolfgang Fikentscher | review (pdf) |





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