Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law


NUMBER 56 / 2007






Mariano CROCE is contract Professor of Philosophy of Law in the Faculty of Philosophy,  Sapienza – Università di Roma. He was awarded the degree of Ph.D. in Philosophy (in the academic section Social and Political Science) in 2007. In his thesis he argued that, while every social group could be shown to have an internal form of organisation, this was not always centralised, and the centralisation of state power had required the homogenization of many subject populations, even though it had often contributed to the establishment of forms of liberal democracy.  He is now investigating the relationship between the Italian legal institutionalism of the first part of the 20th century, developed by such scholars as Santi Romano, Costantino Mortati, Vezio Crisafulli and Widar Cesarini Sforza, and contemporary legal pluralism.  His publications include: Sfere di Dominio. Potere e democrazia in era Globale [Spheres of Domination. Power and Democracy in the Global Era]. Rome: Meltemi, 2008; La conquista dello spazio giuridico. Potere statale e amministrazione della giustizia [The Conquest of Legal Space. State Power and the Administration of Justice]. Naples: ESI, 2008.


Wolfgang FIKENTSCHER is Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Law, University of Munich.  He is the author of books on German industrial property, copyright, tort and anti-trust laws, and anthropology of law.  A recent publication is: Culture, Law and Economics: Three Berkeley Lectures. Durham, North Carolina, and Bern: Carolina Academic Press and Stämpfli Verlag, 2004.


Miranda FORSYTH is a Lecturer in the School of Law of the University of the South Pacific, located in Port Vila, Vanuatu, which she joined in 2002. She holds the degrees of BA/LLB from the University of Melbourne and LLM from the University of Connecticut, USA, and has recently been awarded the degree of PhD by the Australian National University for a thesis entitled A Bird that Flies With Two Wings: Kastom and State Justice Systems in Vanuatu.  She has published numerous articles on the laws of the South Pacific.


Andrea SALVATORE is working for a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sapienza – Università di Roma. He holds a first degree in philosophy. His doctoral work focuses on the concept, history and role of war in international politics.  He has published two papers on the thought of Michael Walzer and several on that of Carl Schmitt.


Malcolm VOYCE is an Associate Professor in the Division of Law, Macquarie University, Australia.  He holds the degrees of LL.B. from Auckland University, MA and PhD from London University, and PhD from Macquarie University. He teaches and conducts research in the fields of Australian Property and Succession Law and has a special interest in rural inheritance.  He is the author of many articles on topics in these fields and co-author of Guide to Estate Planning, Sydney, 1st ed. 2004, 2nd ed. 2007.  He has also a special interest in Law and Buddhism, in which field he is the author of inter alia: ‘The Communal Discipline of the Buddhist Order of Monks: The Sanction of the Vinaya Pitaka.’ American Journal of Jurisprudence 29: 123-150 (1984); and ‘The Relationship between the King and the Sangha in Ancient India.’ Journal of Legal Pluralism 24: 127-150 (1986)