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Changing Name-Tags:

A Legal Anthropological Approach to Communal Lands

in Portugal.  [Pages 1-30]

       Roland Brouwer | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Folk Law and Legal Pluralism in Jamaica:

A view from the Plantation-Peasant Interface.  [Pages 31-56]

       Jean Besson | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Popular Development of Procedure in a Dual Legal System:

‘Protective Litigation’ in Russia’s Peasant Courts,

1889-1912.  [Pages 57-87]

       Gareth Popkins | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


La révolution Mabo et l'australie face à la tentation d'un

nouvel apartheid.  [Pages 89-134]

       Régis Lafargue | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Customary Law and Human Rights in Solomon Islands:

A Commentary on Remisio Pusi v James Leni and Others

[Pages 135-144]

       Jennifer Corrin Care | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |                                                               


Review Article


Multi-Ethnicity, the State and the Law in Latin America

[Pages 145-158]

       Willem Assies | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |



Book Reviews


Anne M.O. Griffiths, In the Shadow of Marriage: Gender and

Justice in an African Community (1997).  [Pages 159-164]

       Jane F. Collier | review (pdf) |


Joep Spiertz and Melanie G. Wiber (eds.), The Role of Law

in Natural Resource Management (1996).  [Pages 165-167]

       Thomas K. Rudel | review (pdf) |


Agnete Weis Bentzon, Anne Hellum, Julie Stewart, Welshman

Ncube and Torben Agersnap, Pursuing Grounded Theory in Law:

South-North Experiences in Developing Women's Law (1998).

[Pages 169-174]

       Ambreena Manji | review (pdf) |


James C. Scott, Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to

Improve the Human Condition Have Failed (1998).  [Pages 175-179]

       John Griffiths | review (pdf) |


Franz and Keebet von Benda-Beckmann and André Hoekema (Guest

Eds.), Natural Resources, Environment and Legal Pluralism.

Special Issue of Law and Anthropology: International Yearbook for

Legal Anthropology (1997).  [Pages 181-186]

       Melanie G. Wiber | review (pdf) |


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