Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law






       Guest Editors: Carol J. Greenhouse and

                            Fons Strijbosch


About the contributors | text |


Introduction.  [Pages 1-9]

       Carol J. Greenhouse and Fons Strijbosch

       | article (pdf) |


Part I. Regulation at the Local Level


Migration and Social Security:

The Case of Turkish Migrants in the Netherlands and their Relatives at Home.  [Pages 13-31]

       Anita Böcker | article (pdf) |


Honor as Property.  [Pages 33-52]

       Amedeo Cottino | article (pdf) |


Ancestors in the Law of the Moluccans in the Netherlands.  [Pages 53-69]

       Fons Strijbosch | article (pdf) |


Mending Walls and Building Fences:

Constructing the Private Neighborhood.

[Pages 71-90]

       Sally Engle Merry | article (pdf) |


Legal Pluralism and Equal Treatment in the Context of Zoning Variances.  [Pages 91-105]

       Lea S. VanderVelde | article (pdf) |


The Socio-Cultural Background of Legal Conflicts:

A Study of two Rural Communities in Poland.  [Pages 107-117]

       Maria Magoska | article (pdf) |


Part II. Regulation Within States


Regulation, Illegality and Social Conflict in the Nova Scotia Lobster Fishery.  [Pages 121-146]

       John L. McMullan, David C. Perrier and

       Norman Okihiro | article (pdf)


Trading Places:

Recognizing and Recreating Legal Pluralism in Colonial Uganda.  [Pages 147-159]

       Joan Vincent | article (pdf) |


Les pratiques successorales à Lomé:

Un exemple d'assimilation de valeurs nouvelles dans une situation de pluralisme juridique.  [Pages 161-177]

       Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson | article (pdf) |


Anthropology as the Eye of the Law:

Comments on Canadian Jurisprudence.

[Pages 179-194]

       Louis Assier-Andrieu | article (pdf) |


Part III. Regulation at the State Level


Legal Pluralism in Sri Lankan Society:

Toward a General Theory of Non-Western Law.  [Pages 197-212]

       Masaji Chiba | article (pdf) |


Inverted Precedents:

Legal Reasoning as 'Mythologic'.

[Pages 199-229]

       David Howes | article (pdf) |


The Sources and Proponents of 'Tradition' and 'Modernity' in Japanese Society.

[Pages 231-239]

       Robert J. Smith | article (pdf) |


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