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Justice in Many Rooms - Courts, Private Ordering, and Indigenous Law.  [Pages 1-47]

       Marc Galanter | article (pdf) |


Colonialism and Legal Form - The Creation of

'Customary Law' in Senegal.  [Pages 49-92]

       Frank Snyder | article (pdf) |



Papers from the Conference of the Ethnological

Section of the German Society of Comparative Law on Traditional and State Administration of Justice in Southeast Asia


Modern and Traditional Administration of Justice in New Guinea.  [Pages 93-116]

       Leopold Pospisil | article (pdf) |


Forum Shopping and Shopping Forums - Dispute

Settlement in a Minangkabau Village in West Sumatra.  [Pages 117-159]

       Keebet von Benda-Beckmann | article (pdf) |


A Note on Village Courts in Papua-New Guinea. 

[Pages 161-163]

       Barbara Huber | article (pdf) |


Some Comments on the Problems of Comparing the Relationship Between Traditional and State Systems of Justice in Africa and Indonesia.  [Pages 165-175]

        Franz von Benda-Beckmann | article (pdf) |



Review Essay


The Role of the State in the Dismantling of the

Ghanaian Rural Economy.  [Pages 177-188]

       Peter Skalnik | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Hans-Jürgen Richter, Die Rechtsspaltung im Malaysischen Familienrecht, zugleich ein Beitrag zur 'gestuften' Unteranknüpfung im internationalen Privatrecht.  [Pages 189-192]

       Carl-Bernd Kaehlig | review (pdf) |


P.H. Gulliver, Disputes and Negotiations: A Cross-Cultural Perspective.  [Pages 192-194]

       Simon Roberts | review (pdf) |



News and Notes


IUAES Commission on Contemporary Folk Law: Symposium on Folk Law in State Institutions.




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