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About the Contributors | text |


Police in the Community: Perceptions of a Government Agency in Nigeria.  [Pages 9-28]

       Marshall Carter and Otwin Marenin | article (pdf) |


The Tanzania Legal Internship Programme: A New Horizon in Legal Education.  [Pages 29-44]

       Medard R.K. Rwelamira | article (pdf) |





Devolution of Immovables under the Nigerian Conflict Rules: The Dilemma of Legal Pluralism.  [Pages 45-53]

       I. Oluwole Agbede | article (pdf) |


Women without "Ankhoswe" in Malawi: A Discussion of the Legal Position of Women who enter into Informal Marital Relations.  [Pages 54-61]

        L.J. Chimango | article (pdf) |





Bibliography of Unpublished Dissertations and Papers on African Law: 1965-1976.  [Pages 62-74]

        Joan Vogel | bibliog (pdf) |


J.S.D. Theses on African Law Topics.

[Pages 75-77]

        The Editors | bibliog (pdf) |



Review Essays


Elites, Law and Development: A Review of Brun-Otto Bryde, The Politics and Sociology of African Legal Development.  [Pages 78-90]

        Robert B. Seidman | article (pdf) |


Elites, Dead Horses, and the Transferability of Law.  [Pages 91-95]

        Brun-Otto Bryde | article (pdf) |


Reply to Dr Bryde.  [Pages 96-97]

        Robert B. Seidman | article (pdf) |


Rejoinder to Professor Seidman.  [Pages 98-99]

        Brun-Otto Bryde | article (pdf) |


E.A.B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal, A La Recherche de la Justice: quelques aspects du droit matrimonial et de la justice du Juge du Paix et du Chef Supérieur des Anufòm à Mango dans le Nord du Togo.  [Pages 100-117]

        John Griffiths | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Ian Hamnett, Chieftaincy and Legitimacy: An Anthropological Study of Executive Law in Lesotho.  [Pages 118-122]

        Barbara E. Harrell-Bond | review (pdf) |


Robert C. Pozen, Legal Choices for State Enterprises in the Third World.  [Pages 122-127]

        Sam O. Gyandoh, Jr. | review (pdf) |


Walter Barrows, Grassroots Politics in an African State: Integration and Development in Sierra Leone.  [Pages 127-129]

        Richard Stren | review (pdf) |


Fatima Mernissi, Beyond the Veil: Male-Female Dynamics in a Modern Muslim State, and

Vanessa Maher, Women and Property in Morocco

[Pages 129-131]

        Daisy Hilse Dwyer | review (pdf) |


C. Gregory Knight, Ecology and Change: Rural Modernization in an African Community.  [Pages 131-135]

        Francis G. Snyder | review (pdf) |


C.R.E.D.I.L.A., Repertoire de Jurisprudence Sénégalaise en Matière de Status Personnel.  [Page 136]

        Francis G. Snyder | review (pdf) |



News and Notes


Research in the Law Faculty of the National University of Rwanda, 1976-78: A Brief Outline.

        Jan F.J. Gorus and Filip L.A. Reyntjens



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