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Alienation of Family Property in Nigeria.

[Pages 4-20]

       G. Ezejiofor| article (pdf) |


Legitimacy and the Politics of Status: An Abortive Legislative Change in Sierra Leone. [Pages 21-58]

       Barbara E. Harrell-Bond | article (pdf) |


The Internalization of Law in a Developing Country: The Ivory Coast's Civil Code. [Pages 60-101]

        Robert J. Mundt | article (pdf) |


To Claim or Not to Claim: Changing Views about the Restitution of Marriage Prestations among the Anufòm in Northern Togo.  [Pages 102-128]

        Emile and Els van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal | article (pdf) |



Book Review


H. Harlander and D. Mezger, Development Banking: Seven Case Studies (1971).  [Pages 129-130]

        Robert Pozen | review (pdf) |



News and Notes


Developments in African Law Faculties.

        Terry Wood



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