Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law

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Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Addis Ababa: A Profile of Mercato Businessmen and Their Reception of New Laws.  [Pages 1-46]

       John Ross and Zemariam Berhe | article (pdf) |


Paternity Actions in Ethiopia Ten Years After the Civil Code. [Pages 47-65]

       John H. Beckstrom | article (pdf) |


The Military System of Administration in Nigeria.  [Pages 61-125]

       D.I.O. Eweluka | article (pdf) |


Legal Scholarship and the Study of African Legal Systems: A Response to Professor Abel.

[Pages 127-144]

       Francis O. Spalding | article (pdf) |


Rejoinder to Professor Spalding.  [Pages 145-146]

       Richard L. Abel | article (pdf) |



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