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About the Contributors | text (pdf) |

The Dependence of the Concept of Law upon Cognitive

Interest.  [Pages 1-47]

       Hubert Treiber | abstract | article (pdf) |


Plural Legal Systems in Malaysia.  [Pages 49-78]

       Sangeeta Sharmin | abstract | article (pdf) |


Why do Congolese People go to Court?

A Qualitative Study of Litigants’ Experiences in two

Justice of the Peace Courts in Lubumbashi. [Pages 79-108]

       Benjamin Rubbers and Emilie Gallez | abstract | article (pdf) |


Book Review


Kevin E. Davis, Angelina Fisher, Benedict Kingsbury

and Sally Engle Merry (eds.), Governance by Indicators.

Global Power through Quantification and Rankings. Oxford:

Oxford University Press (2012).  [Pages 109-113]

       Melanie G. Wiber | review (pdf) |



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