Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law




About the Contributors | text (pdf) |

All Law is Plural.

Legal Pluralism and the Distinctiveness of Law.  [Pages 1-30]

       Mariano Croce | abstract | article (pdf) |


Land Grabbing, Investment Principles and Plural Legal

Orders of Land Use.  [Pages 31-63]

        Martina Locher, Bernd Steimann and Bishnu Raj Upreti

        | abstract | article (pdf) |


Replicating 'A Model of Mutual Respect':

Could Singapore's Legal Pluralism Work in Australia?

[Pages 65-102]

        Ann Black | abstract | article (pdf) |


Substantive Equality and Maternal Mortality in Nigeria.

[Pages 103-132]

        Ebenezer Durojaye | abstract | article (pdf) |


Legal Pluralism Incarnate:

An Institutional Perspective on Courts of Law in Colonial and

Postcolonial Settings [Pages 133-163]

        Ido Shahar | abstract | article (pdf) |


Halacha, the 'Jewish State' and the Canadian Agunah:

Comparative Law at the Intersection of Religious and Secular

Orders.  [Pages 165-204]

        Pascale Fournier | abstract | article (pdf) |



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