Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law






       Guest Editor: Helene Maria Kyed


About the Contributors | text (pdf) |


Introduction to the Special Issue:

International Development Interventions. [Pages 1-23]

       Helene Maria Kyed | text (pdf) |


Justice and Security Architecture in Africa:

The Plans, the Bricks, the Purse and the Builder.

[Pages 25-47]

        Bruce Baker | abstract | article (pdf) |


Reconfiguring State and Non-State Actors in

the Provision of Safety in (South) Africa:

Implications for Bottom-Up Policing Arrangements

and for Donor Funding.  [Pages 49-72]

        Monique Marks, Jennifer Wood,

        Julian Azzopardi and Thokozani Xaba

        | abstract | article (pdf) |


Neither State nor Custom – Just Naked Power:

The Consequences of Ideals-Oriented Rule of Law

Policy-Making in Liberia [Pages 73-109]

        Stephen Lubkemann, Deborah Isser

        and Peter Chapman | abstract | article (pdf) |


The Politics of Customary Law Ascertainment in

South Sudan [Pages 111-142]

         Cherry Leonardi, Deborah Isser,

         Leben Moro and Martina Santschi

         | abstract | article (pdf) |


Hybrid and ‘Everyday’ Political Ordering:

Constructing and Contesting Legitimacy in Somaliland

[Pages 143-177]

         Louise Wiuff Moe | abstract | article (pdf) |


Spinning a Conflict Management Web in Vanuatu:

Creating and Strengthening Links Between State and

Non-State Legal Institutions.  [Pages 179-205]

         Miranda Forsyth | abstract | article (pdf) |


Decentralised Power and Traditional  Authorities:

How Power Determines Access to Justice in Sierra Leone

[Pages 207-230]

         Paul Jackson | abstract | article (pdf) |


Delivering Justice:

The Changing Gendered Dynamics of Land Tenure in

Botswana.  [Pages 231-262]

         Anne Griffiths | abstract | article (pdf) |



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