Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law




About the Contributors | text (pdf) |


The Revival Dilemma:

Reflections on Human Rights, Self-Determination

and Legal Pluralism in Eastern Indonesia.  [Pages 1-42]

       Birgit Br√§uchler | abstract | article (pdf) |


Legal Pluralism and Modernization:

American Law Professors in Ethiopia and the

Downfall of the Restatements of African Customary

Law.  [Pages 43-70]

        Kaius Tuori | abstract | article (pdf) |


The Insiders and the Outsiders:

Standardization and 'Failed' Person-Making in a

Lithuanian Market Place.  [Pages 71-93]

        Ida Harboe Knudsen | abstract | article (pdf) |


Khat and Islamic Legal Perspectives:

Issues for Consideration.  [Pages 95-114]

        Heather Douglas and Abdi Hersi | abstract | article (pdf) |


Legal Complexity in Natural Resource Management

in the Frontier Mahakam Delta of East Kalimantan,

Indonesia [Pages 109-144]

         Rikardo Simarmata | abstract | article (pdf) |



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