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About the Contributors | text |


Religion, Legal Pluralism and Order in a Multiethnic Society:

A Legal-anthropological Study in Contemporary China.  [Pages 1-27]

       Wang Qiliang | abstract | article (pdf) |


Moving beyond the hierarchical approach to legal pluralism

in the South Pacific [Pages 29-48]

       Jennifer Corrin | abstract | article (pdf) |


‘God is an absentee, too’:

The treatment of Waqf (Islamic trust) land in Israel/Palestine. 

[Pages 49-65]

       Haitam Suleiman and Robert Home | abstract | article (pdf) |


Distinction without difference:

The constitutional protection of customary law and cultural,

linguistic and religious communities -

A comment on Shilubana & others v  Nwamitwa.  [Pages 67-85]

       E.S. Nwauche | abstract | article (pdf) |


The Politics Of Legal Pluralism:

State Policies on Legal Pluralism and Their Local Dynamics

in Mozambique. [Pages 87-120]

       Helene Maria Kyed | abstract | article (pdf)


Farmers’ Use of the Courts in an Anti-Land Acquisition Movement

in India’s West Bengal.  [Pages 121-144]

        Kenneth Bo Nielsen | abstract | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Marianne O. Nielsen and Robert A. Silverman (eds.), Criminal Justice

in Native America. Tucson: University of Arizona Press (2009).  [Pages 145-148]

                L. Jane McMillan | review (pdf) |


Ralph Grillo, Roger Ballard, Alessandro Ferrari André J. Hoekema,

Marcel Maussen and Prakash Shah (eds.), Legal Practice and Cultural

Diversity. Farnham UK and Burlington VT: Ashgate (2009).  [Pages 149-155]

          Amy Jackson | review (pdf) |


Janine Ubink, André J. Hoekema and Willem J. Assies (eds.), Legalising

Land Rights. Local Practices, State Responses and Tenure Security in

Africa, Asia and Latin America. Leiden: Leiden University Press (2009).

[Pages 157-160]

        Christian Lund | review (pdf) |


Fernanda Pirie, Peace and Conflict in Ladakh: The construction of a fragile

web of order. Brills Tibetan Studies Library, Vol. 13. Leiden, Boston: Brill

(2007).  [Pages 161-164]

        Judith Beyer | review (pdf) |


Amanda Perreau-Saussine and James Bernard Murphy (eds.), The Nature of

Customary Law: Legal, Historical and Philosophical Perspectives. Cambridge:

Cambridge University Press (2007).  [Pages 165-172]

        Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |



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