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Power Relations and Legal Pluralism:

An Examination of 'Strategies of Struggles' Amongst

the Santal Adivasi of India and Bangladesh.  [Pages 1-43]

       Fauzia Shariff | abstract | article (pdf) |


Punx and Skins United:

One Law for Us One Law for Them.  [Pages 45-100]

       Aimar Ventsel | abstract | article (pdf) |


The Everyday Functioning of an African Public Service:

Informalization, Privatization and Corruption in Benin's

Legal System.  [Pages 101-139]

       Thomas Bierschenk | abstract | article (pdf) |


Decentralization and Co-Management of Protected

Areas of Indonesia.  [Pages 141-165]

        Yonariza and Ganesh P. Shivakoti | abstract |

        | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Bülent Ucar, Recht als Mittel zur Reform von Religion und

Gesellschaft. Die türkische Debatte um die Scharia und die

Rechtsschulen im 20. Jahrhundert [Law as a Means to the

Reform of Religion and Society. The Turkish Debate over

the Sharia and the Schools of Law in the 20th Century] (2005).

[Pages 167-169]

        Levent Tezcan | review (pdf) |


Marian Liebmann, Restorative Justice: How It Works (2007).

[Pages 171-174]

        Katherine Doolin | review (pdf) |


Eve Darian-Smith (ed.), Ethnography and Law (2007). 

[Pages 175-177]

        Franz von Benda-Beckmann | review (pdf) |




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