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The Social Working of Legal Rules.  [Pages 1-84]

       John Griffiths  | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Women’s Human Rights and the Practice of Dowry in India:

Adapting a Global Discourse to Local Demands.  [Pages 85-123]

       Nidhi Gupta | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Communal Resource Tenure and the Quest for Indigenous Autonomy:

On State Law and Ethnic Reorganization in two Colombian Resguardos.

[Pages 125-162]

       Joris van de Sandt | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Illegal Practices and the Re-Enchantment of Governmental Techniques:

Land and the Law in Mexico.  [Pages 163-183]

       Monique Nuijten | abstract | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Book Reviews


Rubya Mehdi, Gender and Property Law in Pakistan: Resources and

Discourses (2001).  [Pages 185-186]

      Lawrence Rosen | review (pdf) |


The Best of Anthropology of Law (Part 2)

Martha Mundy (ed.), Law and Anthropology (2002).  [Pages 187-189]

        Jogchum Vrielink | review (pdf) |


Anthropology and Law: ‘Balanced Reciprocity’ in Disequilibrium?

James M. Donovan and H. Edwin Anderson III, Anthropology & Law (2003).

[Pages 191-198]

       Jogchum Vrielink | review (pdf) |


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