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The Right to Self-Regulation:

Legal Pluralism and Human Rights in Peru.  [Pages 1-42]

       Wilfredo Ardito | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Revendication du monopole foncier de l'état, l'intangibilité

du titre foncier et l'accès à la terre au Bénin.  [Pages 43-68]

       Ahonagnon Noel Gbaguidi | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Law Reform from Within:

Improving the Legal Status of Women in Northern Nambia.

[Pages 69-79]

       Manfred O. Hinz | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Of Documents and Litigants:

Disputes on Inheritance in Abetifi - a Town of Colonial Ghana

[Pages 81-119]

       Stephan Miescher | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


'A Dangerous Doctrine':

Twins, Ethnography, and the Natal Code.  [Pages 121-140]

       Tom McClendon | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Book Reviews


The Plight of Indigenous Peoples in the Struggle Between

State Law and Folk Law: A review of:

Bradford W. Morse and Gordon R. Woodman (eds.), Indigenous

Law and the State (1988).  [Pages 141-154]

       Samuel O. Gyandoh Jr | review (pdf) |


Hanne Petersen and Henrik Zahle (eds.), Legal Polycentricity:

Consequences of Pluralism in Law (1995).  [Pages 155-162]

       Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |


Marie-Claire Foblets, Les familles maghrébines et la justice en

Belgique (1994).  [Pages 163-172]

       Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |


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