Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law


NUMBER 37-38 / 1996 / CONTENTS





       Guest Editors: E. Adriaan B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal

       and Donald I. Ray


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The New Relevance of Traditional Authorities in Africa:

The Conference; Major Themes; Reflections on Chieftaincy in

Africa; Future Directions.  [Pages 1-38]

       Donald I. Ray and

       E. Adriaan B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal | article(pdf)|    

      | article (htm) |


State and Chiefs:

Are Chiefs mere Puppets?  [Pages 39-78]

       E. Adriaan B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal | article (pdf) |

       | article (htm) |


From Administrative to Civil Chieftaincy:

Some Problems and Prospects of African Chieftaincy.

[Pages 79-107]

       Trutz von Trotha | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Authority versus Power:

Democracy in Africa must Include Original African Institutions.

[Pages 109-121]

       Peter Skalník | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Establishing Tradition:

The Development of Chiefly Authority in the Western High Atlas

Mountains of Morocco, 1890-1990.  [Pages 123-153]

       Doyle G. Hatt | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Position and Role of Peasant Communities in the Struggle Against

the Desertification Process in the Sahel.  [Pages 155-180]

       Jean-Michel Labatut | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Divided Sovereignty:

Traditional Authority and the State in Ghana.  [Pages 181-202]

       Donald I. Ray | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


An Abandoned Project?

The Nuances of Chieftaincy, Development and History in Ghana's

Volta Region.  [Pages 203-225]

       Paul Nugent | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Women Chiefs and Power in the Volta Region of Ghana.

[Pages 227-247]

       Lynne Brydon | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


The Articulation of the Moose Traditional Chieftaincies, the

Modern Political System, and the Economic Development of

Kaya Region, Burkina Faso.  [Pages 249-261]

       Jean‑Baptiste Ouedraogo | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Maroon Leadership and the Surinamese State (1760-1990).

[Pages 263-277]

       André R.M. Pakosie | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Laws in Competition:

Traditional Maroon Authorities within Legal Pluralism in

Jamaica.  [Pages 279-305]

       Werner Zips | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Chiefs and the Problem of Witchcraft:

Varying Patterns in South and West Cameroon.  [Pages 307-327]

       Peter Geschiere | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Chieftaincy, Labour Control and Capitalist Development in

Cameroon.  [Pages 329-346]

       Piet Konings | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Environmental Reform:

A new Venture of Zimbabwe's Traditional Custodians of the

Land.  [Pages 347-376]

       M.L. Daneel | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


The State and National Identity in Lesotho.  [Pages 377-405]

       Tim Quinlan | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Traditional Leaders in South Africa's new Democracy.

[Pages 407-430]

       Leslie Bank and Roger Southall | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


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