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Everyday Forms of Violence:

Farmers' Experiences of Regulation in the Canadian Dairy Industry.  [Pages 1-23]

       Melanie G. Wiber | article (pdf) |

      | article (htm) |


Parting the Long Grass:

Revealing and Reconceptualising the African Family.  [Pages 25-73]

       Bart Rwezaura, Alice Armstrong, Welshman

       Ncube, Julie Stewart, Puleng Letuka,

       Priscilla Musanya, Isabel Casimiro and

       Mothokoa Mamashela  | article (pdf) |

       | article (htm) |


'Developmental Appropriateness' as Law in California Child Custody Mediation: 

Towards a Jurisprudence of Persuasion.

[Pages 75-118]

       Randy Frances Kandel | article (pdf) |

       | article (htm) |


Defining the Property Rights of Others:

Political Power, Indigenous Tenure and the Construction of Customary Land Law.  [Pages 119-148]

       Heinz Klug | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


Book Reviews


T. Bennett, A Sourcebook of African Customary Law in Southern Africa (1991).  [Pages 149-150]

       Tom Quinlan | review (pdf) |


Melanie G. Wiber, Politics, Property and Law in the Philippine Uplands (1993).  [Pages 151-154]

       Frank Hirtz | review (pdf) |


Rubya Mehdi, The Islamization of the Law in Pakistan (1994).  [Pages 155-158]

       Azza M. Karam | review (pdf) |


E.P. Thompson, Customs In Common (1991).  [Pages 159-165]

       John Griffiths | review (pdf) |


Alison Dundes Renteln and Alan Dundes (eds.), Folk Law: Essays in the Theory and Practice of Lex non Scripta (1994). 

[Pages 167-172]

       Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |


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