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The Maintenance of Order in Rural Tanzania:

The Case of Sungusungu.  [Pages 1-29]

       Sufian Hemed Bukurura | article (pdf) |

      | article (htm) |


The Informal Social Control of Homicide.  [Pages 31-59]

       Mark Cooney | article (pdf) | article (htm) |


The Acephalous Society and the Indirect Rule System in Africa:

British Colonial Administrative Policy in Retrospect.  [Pages 61-85]

       H.S. Daannaa | article (pdf) |

       | article (htm) |


Modes of Indigenous Disputing and Legal Interactions Among the Ibos of Eastern Nigeria.  [Pages 87-103]

       Ernest E. Uwazie | article (pdf) |

       | article (htm) |


Book Review


The Construction Of The Legal And The Nonlegal

Barbara Yngvesson, Virtuous Citizens, Disruptive Subjects; Order and Complaint in a New England Court (1993).  [Pages 105-113]

       Heleen F.P. Ietswaart | review (pdf) |


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