Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law


NUMBER 30-31 / 1990-1991 / CONTENTS




       Guest Editors: Carol LaPrairie and

                            Els Baerends


About the contributors | text |


Introduction.  [Pages 1-8]

       Carol LaPrairie | article (pdf) |


Folk Law is the Culprit:

Women's 'Non-Rights' in Swaziland.

[Pages 9-31]

       K.O. Adinkrah | article (pdf) |


Woman is King, Man a Mere Child:

Some notes on the socio-legal position of women among the Anufom of Northern Togo.  [Pages 33-75]

       Els A. Baerends | article (pdf) |


Women in African Traditional Politics.  [Pages 77-86]

       Kofi E. Agorsah | article (pdf) |


Development, Law and Gender-Skewing:

An examination of the impact of development on the socio-legal position of Indonesian women, with special reference to Minangkabau.  [Pages 87-120]

       Keebet von Benda-Beckmann

       | article (pdf) |


Native Women in Reserve Politics:

Strategies and Struggles.  [Pages 121-137]

       Jo-Anne Fiske | article (pdf) |


The Social and Legal Position of Lyela Women (Burkina Faso).  [Pages 139-164]

       Sabine Steinbrich | article (pdf) |


The Peruvian Land Reform and the Position of Rural Women.  [Pages 165-222]

       Sophie Huber | article (pdf) |


The 'Women's Question' in Kwena Family Disputes. [Pages 223-254]

       Anne Griffiths | article (pdf) |


Legally Unrepresented Women Petitioners in the Lower Courts of Tanzania:

A Case of Justice Denied?  [Pages 255-271]

       Ulrike Wanitzek | article (pdf) |


The Notion of Female Property:

A comparative study of property relationships in the Dodecanese and the northern Peloponnese (19th - early 20th century).  [Pages 273-302]

       Sophie Dascalopoulos-Capetanakis 

       | article (pdf) |


Disseminating Family Law Reforms:

Some Lessons from Botswana.  [Pages 303-329]

       Athaliah Molokomme | article (pdf) |


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