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The Myth of Adat [Pages 1-127]

       Peter Burns  | article (pdf) |


Scape-Goat and Magic Charm:

Law in Development Theory and Practice.  [Pages 129-148]

       Franz von Benda-Beckmann | article (pdf) |


Return to Legal Pluralism:

Twenty Years Later.  [Pages 149-157]

       Jacques Vanderlinden | article (pdf) |


The Anthropology of Law in France:

An Anthropological View.

A Review Essay on Anthropolgie Juridique

by Norbert Rouland. Paris: PUF (1988).

[Pages 159-171]

       Heleen F.P. Ietswaart | article (pdf) |


Book Reviews


F. von Benda-Beckmann, K. von Benda-Beckmann, E. Casino, F. Hirtz, G.R. Woodman and H.F. Zacher (eds.), Between Kinship

and the State: Social Security and Law in Developing Countries (1988).  [Pages 173-180]

       Sally Engle Merry | review (pdf) |


Yash Ghai, Francis Snyder, Robin Luckham (eds.), The Political Economy of Law: A Third World Reader (1987).  [Pages 181-186]

       Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |




New Perspectives for the Anthropology of Law?

A Short Report on the First German-French Symposium

       Peter Hanser


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