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A Note on Voudou as an Alternative Mechanism for Addressing Legal Problems [Pages 1-17]

       Gray Cavender | article (pdf) |


Sentencing, Custom and the Rule of Law in Papua New Guinea.  [Pages 19-54]

       Sinclair Dinnen | article (pdf) |


Structural Violence and Aboriginal Organisations in Rural-Urban Australia.  [Pages 55-77]

       Anne-Katrin Eckermann and Lynette Toni

       Dowd | article (pdf) |


The Perpetuation of Myths:

A Case Study on 'Tribe' and 'Chief' in South Africa.  [Pages 79-115]

       Tim Quinlan | article (pdf) |


Customary Family Law in Malawi:

Adherence to Tradition and Adaptability to Change.  [Pages 117-134]

       Boyce P. Wanda | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


H.W. Arthurs, Without the Law: Administrative Justice and Legal Pluralism in Nineteenth-Century England (1985).  [Pages 135-143]

       Peter Fitzpatrick and Alfred Rüegg | review (pdf) |


Mitsukuni Yasaki (ed.), East and West.  Legal Philosophies in Japan (1987).  [Pages 145-151]

       Kurt Radtke | review (pdf) |


Keebet von Benda-Beckmann, The Broken Stairways to Consensus: Village Justice and State Courts in Minangkabau (1984).  [Pages 153-159]

       Francis Snyder | review (pdf) |


Kurt Madlener (ed.), Jahrbuch für Afrikanisches Recht - Annuaire de droit africain - Yearbook of African Law, Vols. II, III, IV, V (1981-1984).  [Pages 161-172]

       Ulrike Wanitzek | review (pdf) |


Peter Sack and Elizabeth Minchin (eds.), Legal Pluralism: Proceedings of the Canberra Law Workshop VII (1986). 

[Pages 173-178]

       Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |


The Law Reform Commission, Australia, The Recognition of Aboriginal Customary Laws, Report No. 31 (1986). 

[Pages 179-184]

       Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |



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