Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law


NUMBER 25-26 / 1987 / CONTENTS




       Guest Editor: E.A.B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal


About the contributors | text |


Chiefs and African States:

Some Introductory Notes and an Extensive Bibliography on African Chieftaincy.[Pages 1-46]

       Emile A.B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal

       | article (pdf) |


The Social Construction of Colonial Reality:

Yauri Emirate.  [Pages 47-70]

       Frank A. Salamone | article (pdf) |


Chiefs and Burgomasters in Rwanda:

The Unfinished Quest for a Bureaucracy.

[Pages 71-97]

       Filip Reyntjens | article (pdf) |


Old Men and New State Structures in Guinea-Bissau.  [Pages 99-138]

       Hans Schoenmakers | article (pdf) |


Chiefs and the State in Independent Zambia:

Exploring the Zambian National Press.

[Pages 139-201]

       Wim van Binsbergen | article (pdf) |


Kings, Chiefs and Officials:

The Political Organization of Dahomey and Buganda Compared.  [Pages 203-241]

       Henri J.M. Claessen | article (pdf) |


The Legal Aspects of the 1900 Buganda Agreement Revisited.  [Pages 243-274]

       John Tamukedde Mugambwa

       | article (pdf) |


A Note on Chiefly and National Policing in Botswana.

[Pages 275-300]

       Marlies Bouman | article (pdf) |


On the Inadequacy of the Concept of the 'Traditional State':

Illustrated with Ethnographic Material on Nanum, Ghana.

[Pages 301-325]

       Peter Skalník | article (pdf) |


Mais, qui est chef?

Esquisse de la chefferie coutumière.  [Pages 327-339]

       Jean-Claude Barbier | article (pdf) |



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