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The Social Significance of Minangkabau State Court Decisions.  [Pages 1-68]

       K. von Benda-Beckmann | article (pdf) |


The Role of 'Folk Law' as Evidence of Historical

Title in International Boundary Claims.

[Pages 69-101]

       Marc Denhez | article (pdf) |


The Imposition of Anglo-American Land Tenure on Hawaiians.  [Pages 103-128]

       Maivan Lam | article (pdf) |


The Customary Relationship of AgregaƧāo on

Brazilian Fazendas.  [Pages 129-151]

       Margarida Maria Moura | article (pdf) |


The Implementation of State Law Through Folk Law: Karo Batak Village Elections.

[Pages 153-176]

       Herman Slaats and Karen Portier

      | article (pdf) |


The Concept of Pela and its Social Significance in the Community of Moluccan Immigrants in the

Netherlands.  [Pages 177-208]

       Fons Strijbosch | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Donald Black (ed.), Toward a General Theory of Social Control; Vol. I Fundamentals; Vol. II Selected Problems.(1984)          [Pages 209-219]

       Govaert C.J.J. van den Bergh | review (pdf) |


Francis G. Snyder, Capitalism and Legal Change: An African Transformation. (1981)  [Pages 221-224]

       J.S. Eades | review (pdf) |


Australian Law Reform Commission, Research Papers 1-15 on the References on Aboriginal Customary Law. (1982-1984)    [Pages 225-230]

       Gordon R. Woodman | review (pdf) |



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