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Registration of Group Ranches Among the Masai of Kenya: Some Legal Problems.  [Pages 1-16]

       Simon Coldham | article (pdf) |


Nature is to Culture as Praying is to Suing: Legal

Pluralism in an American Suburb.  [Pages 17-35]

       Carol J. Greenhouse | article (pdf) |


Main Trends in German Ethnological Jurisprudence and Legal Ethnology.

[Pages 37-68]

       Rüdiger Schott | article (pdf) |


Islamic Legal System and the Westernization Process in the Nigerian Emirates.  [Pages 69-93]

       C.N. Ubah | article (pdf) |


State Coercion Against Peasant Farmers: The

Tanzanian Case.  [Pages 95-127]

       David V. Williams | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


C.J. Dias et al., Lawyers in the Third World:

Comparative and Developmental Perspectives and

Dennis O. Lynch, Legal Roles in Colombia.  [Pages 129-136]

       Peter Fitzpatrick | review (pdf) |


Peter Fitzpatrick, Law and State in Papua New Guinea.  [Pages 127-141]

       Yash Ghai | review (pdf) |


M. Kirwen, African Widows.  [Pages 143-149]

       B.A. Rwezaura | review (pdf) |


Emile van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal and A. Améga (eds.), La Réforme agro-foncière dans les Pays du Conseil de l'Entente en Afrique de l'Ouest.  [Pages 151-153] 

       Francis G. Snyder | review (pdf) |



Special Section


A Prospectus for Collaborative Research: The 'Land Question' in Africa.

       Emile LeBris and Francis G. Snyder



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