Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law

Prior to 1981 this Journal was named:






NUMBER 18 / 1980




KOFI OTI ADINKRA, Lecturer in Law at the University of Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He received the LL.B. degree at the University of Ghana and the J.S.D. degree at the University of California, Berkeley.


JENNY GOLDSCHMIDT, Lecturer in Constitutional and Administrative Law, University of Leiden, since 1980. Law degree, Leiden, 1974. Research fellow, 1975-1979, at the Faculty of Law, Leiden, in connection with the Leyden-Legon Project on Public Law, a legal cooperation project between the University of Leiden and the Ghana Law Reform Commission together with the Faculty of Law of the University of Ghana; her work on this Project resulted in several memoranda and reports on constitutional and administrative law subjects for the Ghana Law Reform Commission, written in cooperation with lecturers at the University of Ghana. Her publications include several concerning the Project: Leyden-Legon Project on Public Law, Final Report on a Legal Cooperation Project (Legon/ Leyden, April 1978) (with Prof. T. Koopmans, C. Flinterman and J.A. Peters); “Het ‘Leyden-Legon Project on Public Law’,” 25 Universiteit en Hogeschool 190 (1978); “Recht en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking,” 51 Nederlands Juristenblad 73 (1975) (with C. Flinterman). She is at work on a dissertation entitled National and Indigenous Constitutional Law in Ghana which will be published in the Spring of 1981. Apart from the interaction between different systems of constitutional law within a state, her interests lie in the field of administrative law and human rights, and she has published several shorter articles and comments on those subjects.


SIMON ROBERTS, Senior Lecturer in Law, London School of Economics. Born 1941. Educated London School of Economics (LL.B., Ph.D.). Lecturer in Law at Institute of Public Administration, Blantyre, Malawi, 1963-1964. Adviser on Customary Law to the Government of Botswana, 1968-1971. Publications include Tswana Family Law (1972), Law and the Family in Africa (editor) (1977), Order and Dispute: An Introduction to Legal Anthropology (Pelican, January 1979), and various articles. His latest book is Rules and Processes: The Cultural Logic of Dispute in an African Context (co-authored with Professor J. L. Comaroff, of the University of Chicago). Co-editor of Journal of African Law, member of the editorial committee of Modern Law Review, member of the editorial board of the International Journal for the Sociology of Law, and member of the editorial advisory board of African Law Studies. Principal field research in Botswana, 1968-1970, 1971, 1973.


ISAAC SCHAPERA, Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics, since 1969. Born South Africa 1905. M.A. (Cape Town) 1925; Ph.D. (London) 1929; D.Sc. (London) 1939. Professor of Social Anthropology, Univ. of Cape Town, 1935-1950; Professor of Anthropology, London School of Economics, 1950-1969. Chairman, Assocjation of Social Anthropologists of the British Commonwealth, l954-1957; President, Royal Anthropological Institute, 1961-1963. Field work in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1929-1950. In addition to numerous articles in scholarly journals, his publications include: The Khoisan Peoples of South Africa (1930); A Handbook of Tswana Law and Custom (1938); Married Life in an African Tribe (1940); Native Land Tenure in the Bechuanaland Protectorate (1943); Migrant Labour and Tribal Life (1948); The Ethnic Composition of Tswana Tribes (1952); The Tswana (l953), Government and Politics in Tribal Societies (1956); Praise Poems of Tswana Chiefs (1965); Tribal Innovators (1970); Rainmaking Rites of Tswana Tribes (1971); Kinship Terminology in Jane Austen’s Novels (1977). He is the editor of Western Civilization and the Natives of South Africa (1934); The Bantu-Speaking Tribes of South Africa (1937); David Livingstone’s Journals and Letters, 1841-56 (6 vols., 1959-63); David Livingstone: South African Papers, 1849-1853 (1974).


H.M. JOKO SMART, Senior Lecturer in Law at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. He received his B.A. from Durham University, his LL.B. and LL.M. from Sheffield, and his Ph.D. from London. He has been Judicial Adviser to the Ministry of the Interior anf Crown Counsel in the Law Officers Department, both in Sierra Leone, and part-time Lecturer in Law at the University of Sheffield, England.