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About the Contributors | text |


Economic Development and the Changing Legal System of Papua New Guinea.  [Pages 3-79]

       Abdul Paliwala, Jean Zorn and Peter Bayne | article (pdf) |


Neo-Traditionalism and the Customary Law in Malawi [Pages 80-91]

       Martin Chanock | article (pdf) |


Giriama Reconciliation [Pages 92-131]

       Marguerite Johnston | article (pdf) |



Review Essay


The Problem of Values in the Analysis of Political Order: Myths of Tribal Society and Liberal Democracy.  A Review Essay on Elizabeth Coulson, Tradition and Contract: The

Problem of Order.  [Pages 132-165]

        Richard L. Abel | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Issa G. Shivji, Class Struggles in Tanzania.  [Pages 166-168]

        Joel Samoff  | review (pdf) |


Yash P. Ghai, Reflections on Law and Economic Integration in East Africa.  [Pages 168-171]

        Ann Seidman  | review (pdf) |


Nancy J. Hafkin and Edna G. Bay (eds.), Women in Africa: Studies in Social and Economic Change.  [Pages 171-173]

        June Starr  | review (pdf) |


Carl A. Dutto, Nyeri Townsmen in Kenya.  [Pages 173-175]

        Marc H. Ross  | review (pdf) |


Marc Dumetz, Le droit du Marriage en Côte d'Ivoire.       [Pages 176-178]

        Robert J. Mundt  | review (pdf) |


Berhanykun Andemicael, The OAU and the UN: Relations Between the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations.  [Pages 179-183]

        Karl R. Morthole  | review (pdf) |


Howard Brotz, The Politics of South Africa: Democracy and Racial Diversity and

Frederick A. Johnstone, Class, Race and Gold: A

Study of Class Relations and Racial Discrimination in South Africa.  [Pages 183-187]

        Roger J. Southall  | review (pdf) |



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