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The Family as a Corporation in Ghanaian and  Nigerian Law.  [Pages 1-35]

       Gordon Woodman | article (pdf) |


Legal Aid Services in Malawi. [Pages 37-70]

       B.P. Wanda | article (pdf) |


African Legal Periodicals: A Bibliography.

[Pages 71-79]

       Albert P. Blaustein and Benjamin R. Beede | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


William Minter, Portuguese Africa and the West (1972).      [Pages 81-85]

       Nancy T. Hafkin | review (pdf) |


John Dugard, The South West Africa/Namibia Dispute: Documents and Scholarly Writings on the Controversy Between South Africa and the United Nations (1973).  [Pages 86-89]

       Elizabeth S. Landis | review (pdf) |


Allen Hoben, Land Tenure Among the Amhara of Ethiopia: The Dynamics of Cognatic Descent (1973).  [Pages 90-93]

       Dan F. Bauer | review (pdf) |


Marc Howard Ross (ed. by Remi Clignet and Edward W. Soja), The Political Integration of Urban Squatters (1973).  [Pages 94-95]

       Mary Lee Shannon | review (pdf) |



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