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A Bibliography of Materials on Nigerian Law Published in Nigeria.  [Pages 1-37]

       Jill Cottrell | article (pdf) |


The Law of Patents in Nigeria: A Review. [Pages 39-60]

       Gaius Ezejiofor | article (pdf) |


Lex Domicilii in Contemporary Nigeria: A Functional Analysis.  [Pages 61-98]

       I. Oluwole Agbede | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


The Law Faculty, University of Ife (ed.), Integration of Customary and Modern Legal Systems in Africa (1971).        [Pages 99-111]

       Peter Sevareid | review (pdf) |


Margaret Peil, The Ghanaian Factory Worker: Industrial Man in Africa (1972).  [Pages 113-115]

       Phillip Le Bel | review (pdf) |


I. William Zartman, The Politics of Trade Negotiations between Africa and the European Economic Community: The Weak Confront the Strong (1971).  [Pages 117-122]

       Charles D. Smith | review (pdf) |


Henry L. Bretton, Power and Politics in Africa (1973). [Pages 123-127

       Robert D. Grey | review (pdf) |


Mark Bostock and Charles Harvey, Economic Independence and Zambian Copper - A Case Study of Foreign Investment (1972).

Raymond Vernon, Sovereignty at Bay - The Multinational Spread of U.S. Enterprises (1971).  [Pages 129-131]

       David N. Smith | review (pdf) |


Richard N. Henderson, The King in Every Man: Evolutionary Trends in Onitsha Ibo Society and Culture (1972). [Pages 133-134]

       Dan F. Bauer | review (pdf) |



News and Notes of the African Law Association in America, Incorporated

       Norman J. Singer (ed.)



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