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Juvenile Delinquency - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Procedures, People and Attitudes Involved in Handling of Juveniles by Police in Addis Ababa.  [Pages 1-28]

       Haile Kebede | article (pdf) |


The Law and Practice of Handling Juveniles in the Courts of Addis Ababa. [Pages 29-83]

       T. Clark Dove and

       Gebre Medhin Gebre Christos | article (pdf) |



Sources of African Constitutional Studies (Part Three).  [Pages 85-88]

       Paul H. Karlsson | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


J.S. Bainbridge, The Study and Teaching of Law in Africa (1972).

[Pages 89-91]

       James C.N. Paul | review (pdf) |


A.S. Mathews, Law, Order and Liberty in South Africa (1972).  [Pages 92-96]

       Michael I. Davis | review (pdf) |


Francis O. Spalding, Earl L. Hoover and John C. Piper, "One Nation, One Judiciary: The Lower Courts of Zambia", Zambia Law Journal, Vol. 2, Nos. 1 & 2 (1970).  [Pages 97-106]

       Richard L. Abel | review (pdf) |


C.W. Nicol, From the Roof of Africa (1971).  [Pages 107-111]

       William H. Ewing | review (pdf) |


T.O. Elias, Africa and the Development of International Law (1972).  [Pages 112-114]

       W. Michael Reisman | review (pdf) |


Helen D. Cohn, Soviet Policy Toward Black Africa: The Focus on National Integration (1972).  [Pages 115-118]

       Chris Osakwe | review (pdf) |


Peter Marris and Anthony Somerset, The African Entrepreneur – A Study of Entrepreneurship and Development in Kenya (1972).   [Pages 119-125]

       Phillip Le Bel | review (pdf) |



Shorter Reviews


M.O. Adesanya and E.O. Oloyede, Business Law in Nigeria (1972).

Peter C. Garlick, African Traders and Economic Development in Ghana (1972).

William J. Hanna and Judith L. Hanna, Urban Dynamics in Black Africa: An Interdisciplinary Approach (1971).

H. Harlander and D. Mezger, Development Banking in Africa: Seven Case Studies (1971).

Nicholas S. Hopkins, Popular Government in an African Town: Kita, Mali (1972).

Allen F. Isaacman, Mozambique: The Africanization of a European Institution (1972).

William O. Jones, Marketing Staple Food Crops in Tropical Africa (1972).

B.M. Khaketla, Lesotho 1970: An African Coup under the Microscope (1972).

Gus J. Liebenow, Colonial Rule and Political Development in Tanzania: The Case of the Makonde (1971).

Robert Melson and Howard Wolpe (eds.), Nigeria: Modernization and the Politics of Communalism (1971).

Ikenna Nzimiro, Studies in Ibo Political Systems (1972).

O.I. Odumosu (editor-in-chief), The University of Ife (Nigeria) Law Reports (1971).

Victor Turner (ed.), Colonialism in Africa 1870-1960, Volume 3, Profiles of Change: African Society and Colonial Rule (1971).

U.U. Uche, Contractual Obligations in Ghana and Nigeria (1971)

John White, Regional Development Banks: The Asian, African and Inter-American Development Banks (1972).

      [Pages 126-133] | reviews (pdf) |



New Publications Received


Abstracts of Articles

       S. Tiewul


A List of Articles not abstracted

       William Ofosu-Amaah


News and Notes of the African Law Association in America, Inc.

       Norman J. Singer (ed.)



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