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Implementing in Law Post-Keita Mali's Retreat from 'Scientific Socialism'.  [Pages 1-26]

       John N. Hazard | article (pdf) |


Annotated Bibliography of Political Rights of African Women. [Pages 27-61]

       Phyllis Kay Dryden | article (pdf) |


Law Reports in Nigeria.  [Pages 63-72]

       Jill Cottrell | article (pdf) |



Book Reviews


Zaki Mustafa, The Common Law in the Sudan – An Account of the Justice, Equity and Good Conscience Provision (1971).

[Pages 73-75]

       Egon Guttman | review (pdf) |


K.W. von Sperber, Public Administration in Tanzania (1970). G. Hyden, R. Jackson and J. Okumu (ed.), Development Administration, The Kenyan Experience (1972).  [Pages 77-81]

       Yash P. Ghai | review (pdf) |


R.W. James, Land Tenure and Policy in Tanzania (1971)

[Pages 83-84]

       Robert B. Stevens | review (pdf) |



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       Norman J. Singer (ed.)



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