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About the Contributors


Current Trends in African Legal Geography: The Interfusion of Legal Systems.  [Pages 1-27]

       Peter Sand | article(pdf) |


Natural Resources of Africa: Conservation by Legislation. [Pages 29-55]

       Victor J. Orsinger | article(pdf) |


Sources for African Constitutional Studies.  [Pages 57-98]

       Paul H. Karlsson | article(pdf) |



Book Reviews


G.F.A. Sawyerr and J.A. Hiller, The Doctrine of Precedent in the Court of Appeal for East Africa (1971).  [Pages 99-110]

       Ian R. Macneil | review (pdf) |


L.B. Sohn (ed.), Basic Documents of African Regional Organizations, Vol. I (1971).  [Pages 111-113]

       Sidney Grossman | review (pdf) |


A. Milner (ed.), Modern African Contract Cases (1971).

[Page 114]

       John S. Bainbridge | review (pdf) |


M.R. Ganzglass, The Penal Code of the Somali Democratic Republic (1971).  [Page 115]

       Phyllis K. Dryden | review (pdf) |



Briefly Noted


       H. Cory and M.M. Hartnoll, Customary Law of the Haya

       Tribe (1971). 


       P.A. Thomas (ed.), Private Enterprise and the East African

       Company (1969).


       F. von Benda-Beckmann, Legal Pluralism in Malawi (1970).


       F.G. Dawson and I.L. Head, International Law, National

       Tribunals and the Rights of Aliens (1971).


       M.R. Konvitz, Liberian Law Reports, Vol. XVII (1971).


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