Käte Hamburger Kolleg first annual conference ‘Legal Unity and Pluralism’

The first annual conference of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg ‘Legal Unity and Pluralism’ takes place on 15-17 September 2022 in Münster, Germany.

It addresses the question of whether the relationship between unity and plurality demarcates the same or a similar boundary as the relationship between rule and exception. Comprising contrastive studies, this interdisciplinary and inter-epochal conference aims to foster intensive discussion in this area. Further details are available here.

Register at https://go.wwu.de/0eyrv

The Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Einheit und Vielfalt im Recht | Legal Unity and Pluralism” (EViR) at the University of Münster (WWU) has been funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since 2021. Fellows from all over the world, together with scholars from Münster, examine the dynamic tension between legal unity and pluralism from antiquity to the present.

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