Writing Workshop for young scholars at CLP Brisbane conference, July 2020

Writing Workshop for young scholars at CLP Brisbane conference, July 2020

Publishing in the Journal of Legal Pluralism: a writing workshop for young scholars
Organised by: Dik Roth, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands

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During the Brisbane Conference (15-17 July, 2020) Dik Roth organizes a Writing Workshop for young scholars aiming to publish their work in the Journal of Legal Pluralism.

Especially for young scholars and researchers with little publishing experience, developing and submitting a paper to a scientific journal may be a major challenge. Motivating and supporting young scholars from all over the world in developing a scientific understanding of legal pluralism and contributing to debates about legal pluralism in specific societal contexts is an important aim of the conference organisers.

This is the first time that we organise a publishing workshop during the conference. In this workshop, which will cover two panel timeslots, we intend to provide support to young scholars and researchers who intend to write for / publish their work in the Journal of Legal Pluralism.

Aside from general introductory information about publishing in the journal (submitting; the peer review process; revision; production etc.), the workshop will deal with several key elements of the writing process itself, such as:

  • What do I intend my paper to contribute, and to which debate(s)?
  • The need to focus; writing an abstract
  • Issue or problem in context; theoretical paper or research-based paper
  • Theoretical section / framework, methodology and methods
  • Literature review: state of the art and research gaps
  • Presentation of research material, cases etc.
  • Analysis, discussion, conclusion

We intend to work with a small group, to facilitate detailed comments, discussion, and intensive interaction between participants through e.g. peer reviews of abstracts and other small exercises. In preparation of the workshop we will ask participants to submit material they want to discuss during the workshop. This can be an idea for a paper (e.g. a write-up of some first ideas on possible topic(s), relations to field or other data and theory; an abstract / topic description and intended basic structure of the paper; or a draft version of a paper / work in progress). This can also be work in progress that you are presenting at the conference.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please send an email with short motivation (including publishing experience, topic(s) you are working on and want to publish about) to Dik Roth

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