Call for reader contributions to the 40th anniversary issue of the Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law

This year’s third issue (volume 53, issue 3) will pay attention to the 40th anniversary of the Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law. The editors are aiming for various kinds of contributions, including those of readers of the journal. We would like to publish your experiences with the journal in the broadest sense.

Hereby you find some suggestions for possible contributions:

    How have the journal and its thematic focus of legal pluralism contributed to the scholarship of readers in the broadest sense – methodologically, theoretically, in teaching and research?
    What are your experiences with the role of legal pluralism in your professional life outside academia — for instance in an NGO, a government agency or a social movement?
    What do you appreciate most in this journal? What topics or issues would deserve more attention than they get now?

Papers for this section of reader contributions will not be peer-reviewed, but need to meet the following general requirements:

    Word documents, Calibri 11;
    Length between 500 and 1.500 words (approx.);
    Meeting the journal’s general style requirements (e.g. for English language use, section headings, references etc., if applicable), which can be found on the journal’s website;
    Your contributions can be submitted by sending an email with your attached Word file to before 1 August, 2021.

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